The orthodontic treatment is not only indicated for solve aesthetic problems, but in many cases it is advised to correct and improve functional aspects.

More and more adults are coming to the clinic in search of orthodontic treatment, although choosing which one is sometimes complicated. Therefore, we explain the main differences between brackets or fixed orthodontics and invisible aligners or removable orthodontics.

Orthodontics with braces

The braces They consist of small squared pieces that adhere to the tooth, on which a metallic arch is placed that is held with ligatures.

There are two different types of brackets: metallic and transparent.

Although both work the same way, braces metallic or conventional are more noticeable from the aesthetic point of view. Instead, the braces transparent are more discreet. The latter can be made of different materials such as resin, sapphire, porcelain or zirconium. The factors that will determine choosing one or the other are practically based on the quality of the material, and therefore on its aesthetic finishes, and on the final price.

Choosing between metallic or transparent braces will depend mainly on aesthetics and price. Although there is also option to combine both materials to achieve a balance between these two aspects. In this way, the transparent ones are placed in the visible part of the smile and the metallic ones in the rear teeth.

invisible braces

Invisible orthodontics or also popularly known as invisigline, consists of thin, transparent and removable splints that through micromovements perfectly align the teeth.

First, a study of the patient's teeth is made and treatment is planned with all the splints that must be changed according to the orthodontist's indication.

It is one of the orthodontic options most aesthetic on the market since they are not visible to the naked eye. For this reason, more and more people choose it.

Pros and cons of invisible braces and aligners

  • The braces they are more cheap.
  • The clear aligners are the option more aesthetic, although there are very discreet transparent brackets.
  • You have to have a lot discipline with aligners since if the stipulated time is not used, no results will be achieved.
  • The braces are more complicated to clean since with the aligners all you have to do is remove them during brushing and put them back on.
  • The aligners usually cause less hassle to the patient since with the brackets it is common for canker sores and irritation to appear with the friction of the pieces and the mouth.
  • It can be uncomfortable having to remove the splints every time you want to eat something. Instead, the braces will be fixed.
  • In orthodontics with braces can restrict consumption of certain foods that may damage or blow off parts. On the other hand, with Invisigline there are no contraindications regarding food.

In the most cases and unless the orthodontic specialist expresses otherwise, today and thanks to technological advances practically everyone can be treated with Invisigline and braces. Choosing one method or another will depend on your own criteria according to the characteristics or circumstances of each one.

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