The missing teeth in adulthood it may be caused by multiple factors. The causes can be several, although in all cases a review by a specialist dentist will be necessary.

It is common to think that the lack of a tooth or tooth only entails aesthetic inconveniences, but nothing is further from the truth. This could be causing other oral health problems.

Causes of tooth loss

1. Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are caused by a gum infection.
In the most serious cases of periodontitis, the progress of the infection causes the gums to weaken more and more and separate from the teeth, facilitating the entry of bacteria. If it is not detected in time, the infection will deepen, affecting the bone structures and consequently the tooth can fall out.

2. Blows in the mouth area

A strong trauma in the oral area can cause rip of a tooth or even the total part loss. In cases where only part of the tooth appears to be missing, it is especially necessary to visit a specialist to inspect the nerve involvement.

3. Tooth agenesis

Consists of the missing a tooth because has not been developed. Dental agenesis can be reflected in the primary dentition (baby teeth) or in the permanent dentition. Among the most common causes is the obstruction or limitation of space or alterations in the development of the dental epithelium, although the one that carries the greatest weight is the hereditary factor.
In these cases, in addition to aesthetic problems, functional problems in the bite and teeth.

4. Tooth extraction due to problems in the piece

There are situations where the tooth is so severely affected that it is not possible to save it and the dental specialist has to proceed to the piece removal.

One of the examples could be the initial case of severe periodontitis. Before the infection progresses and itself causes tooth loss, the dentist may decide to directly extract the piece to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and bone loss. Other cases could be deep caries with severe damage to the root or broken teeth that have also affected the nerve.

Problems of missing teeth

The problems derived from the lack of dental pieces are of psychological, functional or health. Some of them are:

  • Difficulty chewing: the lack of teeth may prevent the correct chewing of food.
  • Phonation problems: the presence of spaces can cause complications when pronouncing certain phonemes.
  • Wear of the gums: in the area of the gum that is missing the piece, food collides when chewed and suffers.
  • If the tooth is lost due to problems in the piece and a specialist is not visited, it can destroy the maxillary bone.
  • The pieces that are preserved will tend to move occupying the spaces and will bring aesthetic discomfort and dental malocclusion.
  • If the spaces are located in the central part, the smile will be affected and it may alter the facial features.

How to solve it?

For most cases the solution is common and unanimous: dental implants. Although on certain occasions it could also be considered the orthodontic treatment.

The replacement of teeth by dental implants is the best solution for permanent replacement one or more teeth. some of his advantage are:

  • They work as if they were natural teeth.
  • Adjacent teeth do not have to be ground to serve as support for the new prosthesis made.
  • Placing implants in the bone stimulates bone activity, preventing atrophy that occurs after tooth loss.
  • They do not require adhesives to support the prosthesis.
  • It is considered as a permanent treatment if personal hygiene is adequate.

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