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Exploration and Diagnosis

When the patient visits the dentist for the first time, in addition to the condition of the teeth and the presence of caries, the dentist must also check for the possible presence of periodontal disease and bleeding gums.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the adult population, although most people do not know it. It is very common to have periodontal problems after the age of thirty. This means that some patients will have more or less severe problems of gum inflammation and loss of bone supporting the teeth.

  • Full Diagnosis
  • Advanced Imaging Technology

  • Specialists in Periodontology

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Periodontal Treatment

The periodontal treatment will consist of eradicating the existing infection by mechanically eliminating local irritants such as tartar, bacteria inside the bags and the toxins that they have produced and have become impregnated on the surface of the root.

That is why to treat this problem it is not enough to perform a "cleaning" of the mouth, since this treatment is useful for people without special gum problems and who have simply accumulated superficial tartar. Since to maintain healthy gums, a deeper sanitization known as scaling or curettage must be carried out.

  • Scaling and Curettage and Root Planing

  • Gum Grafts

  • Periodontal surgery

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Replacing teeth with implants is a minimally invasive procedure and restores the lost function of those teeth that have been lost. We use the best quality materials to guarantee optimum osseointegration.

  • Minimally invasive

  • Integration of 3D technology

  • Swift and Convenient

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Curettage and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is the basis of treatment for inflamed gums because there is no health without removing the calcified deposits (tartar) that accumulate both on the teeth and under the gums over time.

  • The whole mouth in the same session

  • Staff with certified training

  • Complete removal of bacteria and toxins

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Restoration of lost aesthetics and function using the best materials thanks to new prosthetic design techniques using 3D scanning and CAD CAM that offer a superior finish to conventional methods without the need for uncomfortable pastes.

  • Swiftness and Reliability

  • Next generation equipment

  • Complete removal of bacteria and toxins

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Solution of mispositioned or crowded teeth through invisible orthodontics in order to restore function, aesthetics and a correct fit of the teeth. Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, the option of performing orthodontic treatment is always valid and in rare cases it is contraindicated.

  • Invisible aligners

  • Comfort

  • Digital orthodontics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have bleeding gums?2021-04-27T06: 45: 13 + 00: 00

Healthy gums should not bleed. When we notice bleeding when we eat, for example, an apple, or when we brush our teeth, it means that the gums are inflamed and that you should see your dentist as soon as possible. Only the best medical professionals will be able to solve or apply the appropriate dental treatments for each case and improve the patient's dental health.

Gum inflammation is always related to an excess of bacteria in the mouth. Either because personal cleanliness is not good enough, or because we do not visit the dentist often enough for a professional cleaning.


Why are my teeth moving?2021-04-27T06: 50: 56 + 00: 00
Bad breath is a problem in social relations and is a major inconvenience among people and has several causes.  One of them is periodontal disease, which is the cause of bleeding gums.
Is bad breath related to bleeding gums?2021-04-27T06: 51: 37 + 00: 00
Bad breath is a problem in social relations and is the main inconvenience between people and has several causes.  One of them is periodontal disease, which is the cause of bleeding gums.
How are bleeding gums treated?2021-04-27T06: 52: 00 + 00: 00
The dentist will make an examination and diagnosis of the situation, to establish the cause of the problem and what to do to cure it. In general, the treatment consists of removing tartar and dental plaque by applying ultrasonic tooth cleaning, if the problem is minor, or one or more dental scaling to remove the hidden tartar that is under the gum and is the most dangerous. If scaling does not solve the problem, your dentist may recommend periodontal surgery to access deeper areas of certain teeth that are not accessible from the outside.
What is Periodontics?2021-04-27T06: 52: 37 + 00: 00

It is the dental specialty that deals with the treatment of bleeding gums. It includes a set of procedures to eliminate the gum infection that causes bleeding and bone destruction.
All dentists can do periodontic treatments, but if the problem is more important and especially if there is some dental mobility, it is convenient to go to a Periodontics Specialist.

Are there Periodontal Clinics?2021-04-27T06: 53: 20 + 00: 00
Yes, there are not many clinics specialising in periodontics, but they are always a guarantee for the most specialised treatment of gum disease.
What is gum surgery?2021-04-27T06: 53: 56 + 00: 00

This is a procedure used by the dentist to access gum infection that is not accessible from the outside. It consists of carefully opening the gum on the outside and the inside, in order to reach the bone and be able to scrape and remove the deep infection. Stitches will always have to be placed to close the gum properly. Surgery is a very effective procedure to eliminate pockets of infection and make it easier to monitor gum health over time and ensure stronger teeth.

My gums have receded and the root is showing. Is there anything I can do?2021-04-27T06: 54: 22 + 00: 00

Yes, in these situations we do gum grafts, using the patient's own gum, which we move from one place to another, in order to cover the root and obtain a good aesthetic effect and improve the appearance of the gum.

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