Is it normal to have bleeding gums?
Healthy gums should NOT bleed. When gums bleed from brushing teeth or eating an apple, this means that we have inflamed gums.
Gingival inflammation is always related to oral bacteria. Excesive plaque is due to bad oral higyene tecnique or insuficient dental treatment.
Why do I have teeth mobility?
Mobility of the teeth is always and advanced periodontal syntom and represents extensive supporting bone loss. Bone seems to be hard and difficult to damage, but it is very easily destroyed by oral bacteria. If you have teeth mobility ask for a dental consultation.
Is bad breath related to gingival disease?
Halitosis or bad breath is a social problem. It could be caused by several health conditions, being the main one the periodontal disease.
Which is the treatment for bleeding gums?
Your dentist would have to examine you, stablish which is the cause for it and stablish which is the treatment to be performed. Usualy the treatment will be to eliminate the tartar and the subgingival calculus. A dental cleanning should be prescribed to you, using a cleaning machine if the problem is minor, or doing scaling and root planning if necessary.
If the scaling is not enough, your dentist will recomend you to do periodontal surgery, to access subgingival infeccion.
What does Periodontology means?
Periodontolgy defines the dental specialty that treats gums diseases. All dentist can legally do periodontal treatments, but if your problem is a more advanced one, with mobility or deep pockets, it would be convienient to ask for a specialist ´s treatment.
Are there many Periodontal Clinics?
There are not many of them, but it will always be safer to go to a Periodontal Clinic for a more specialiced treatment.
What is Periodontal Surgery?
It is a dental procedure to gain access to deep calculus and infeccion which is not accesible from the outside. An incision on the gingival margen is made in both the outher and the inner side of the tooth, to reach the bone. Proper root scaling and bone cleaning is done, and after the procedure gums are placed back and sutured. Surgery is a very effective procedure to eliminate infecction, and help long term maintenance of a healthy condition.
I have receading gums, can I improve aesthetics?
Yes, we do gingival grafting, to cover long roots, using the patients oun gingiva. We use most of the times gingiva from the palate.
What a Crown Lenghenig is ?
It is a surgical procedure that moves the gingiva away from the tooth to facilitate to work on a caries that appears underneath the gingiva, and helps the dentist to see what he is doing.
What is it an Implant?
Implants are the best way to replace teeth today. It consists of a dental screw made of pure titanium. They are fabricated under very strict conditions, and sterile. The dentist places the implant in the bone, and when it is firmly attached to it, a porcelain crown is screw on it.
Are Dental Implants for ever?
They have being designed as a permanent treatment, but as everything in life, accidents might happen, that can shorten its life. The main problem being implant infection because of poor oral hygiene. or prefesional maintenance.
Is it placing an implant painful?
Not at all, it is much less painful than a tooth extraction. Normal life is possible on the same day.