Assumpta F
I have gone through periodontal maintenance at Dr. Vilar´s practice since 25 years ago and I am very happy to have done so because I was told at another clinic to have all my teeth pulled out, and not only I did not have to extract any tooth but I have kept them and they feel strong.
Jordi O
I have had implants placed ten years ago. It was absolutely painless during the surgery and also afterwards. They feel natural.
Francisco P de LM
I feel very well when I go to the clinic. I receive professional and very kind treatment. I am a very busy businessman and I appreciate their punctuality and also that they remind me the appointments by letter and phone calls.
Teresa P
When I go for a scaling I have a wellbeing feeling. It is a feeling of freshness and health
Víctor G
I used to have bleeding gums and problems brushing but since I follow the maintenance program my gums feel all right and they never bleed
Marga M
I used to have receding gums in a front tooth, that I disliked a lot . They did a gingival graft and solved the problem.
Alessandro C
I panic when I had to go to the dentist. I had left the office while waiting for the visit in several occasions. I happened to know about this clinic through a friend. I liked them, felt good with them and I go now on a regular basis, and always when they tell me to go. The Hygienist is good and I never feel pain. Almost I fall asleep during the cleaning.