One of the biggest concerns of people is to have healthy and functional teeth. Over the years, some diseases, injuries and oral conditions can lead to the loss of teeth. 

The dentures they return aesthetics and functionality to the patient. These treatments not only allow you to eat normally, but also help the person gain greater self-confidence. 

There are several types of dental prostheses. In this post we explain what they are and what they consist of.



Fixed dental prostheses are the most comfortable solution for patients, since it is the most similar, functional and aesthetically to a natural denture. Fixed prostheses can be placed on teeth or implants. 


Fixed dental prosthesis on teeth

This technique consists of lower the tooth to be able to place a crown or cap adhered to it. This is a suitable option for repairing a tooth damaged by trauma or cavities, for example.


Fixed dental prosthesis on implants

Implantology has come a long way in recent years. Fixed prostheses on implants allow one or more teeth to be replaced (and even complete teeth). 

The dentist insert a metal screw or implant fixed to the bone. On this the crown is placed. 



This is the most traditional solution, although today it is only used in patients who cannot be implanted. It consists of a complete denture for patients who have lost the majority of pieces. 

Since it only rests on the gum and palate, may be more unstable when it comes to eating or talking. In addition, they must be removed to sleep.

The removable partial denture replace only some teeth. It is fixed on the gum and consists of retaining hooks to hold it to the natural teeth. 



The hybrid prosthesis consists of a complete denture that is held over some implants or screws

This solution is generally used in patients with little bone and toothlessness to hold implants. A denture can be rehabilitated with two implants in the lower part or with four in the upper part. 

Fixed dental prostheses on implants, hybrid or not, allow the patient to enjoy their teeth again with the greatest feeling of naturalness, comfort and safety. 

Don't let the lack of teeth prevent you from having a full life. Check with us. We will do a personalized study to advise you on the most suitable type of prosthesis for you.


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