The fear of the dentist or odontophobia It is a problem that many people suffer, whether they are adults or children. It is estimated that the 15% of the Spanish population suffers from it.

In most cases, it is caused by a previous bad experience own or it can also be unfounded by someone close to us.

These tips are useful for patients adults as well as children, although in the latter case, parents or guardians have an important role. Let's see what they are and how we can easily apply them.

The 7 easy steps to overcome the fear of the dentist

1. Find out before the treatment that you are going to get

Often the fears are unfounded and have no reason to exist. It is common that in the face of the unknown, we can imagine situations and get a wrong image of the facts.

At this point it will be important know all the details of the consultation to realize that it is not as unpleasant as you think. Also, nowadays, with all the technological advances there are many more instruments that make the patient experience more positive.

If it is your son who is going to attend the consultation, explain to him what it will consist of and try to reassure him at all times. 

2. Consult your dentist if you have any questions

Faced with a situation of fear or phobia, communicate with your dentist and express all the doubts you have.

Building a bond of trust will help you get over it more easily. In the case of the little ones, it is also positive that they can maintain, before any intervention, a first contact with the dental specialist.

In Casas-Vilar Clinic offers a personalized treatment each patient to meet their needs with total ttransparency and trust.  

3. Ask for your visit at less crowded hours

If you want reduce nerves and stress, avoid the most frequent hours. It is important that whenever you can attend the hours in which the work climate will be more relaxed and also, you will have more time to make your inquiries.

4. Ask your dentist about the possibilities of sedation

As if all this were not enough, there are also sedation techniques that promote relaxation and avoid stress. One of the most used is the conscious sedation.

Consult with your dentist the options that exist so that they can advise you on the best one for you or your little one.

5. Practice relaxation techniques 

If you see that nerves and anxiety begin to manifest weeks before your consultation with the dentist, relaxation techniques can make the wait more bearable.

Some of the best known and recommended techniques to overcome fear of the dentist are the mindfulness or practicing breathing techniques. 

6. Come to your visit accompanied

In the case of kids It is obvious that they will go to the consultation accompanied by their parents or guardians, which will make them feel more calm and safe. In the case of adults, the feeling is not very different when we are accompanied by someone important to us. For this reason, do not hesitate to come to your visit accompanied and you will see how you will also feel more confident.

7. Listen to music or find a hobby while you wait

When a patient is afraid or afraid of the dentist, it is common to take advantage of the waiting minutes to think about what is to come and, most likely, the thoughts will generate stress.

Take advantage of this time to listen to relaxing music or distract yourself with a hobby. You will see that time also passes faster!

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