Regular visits to the dental clinic, along with proper oral hygiene, is the best way to prevent oral infections. In this way, if an infection occurs, it is detected in time and solved more easily.


Most oral infections originate in the teeth and gums. The most common cause is usually the accumulation of bacteria as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Patients who take antibiotics for long periods of time are more prone to bacterial growth. People who have low defenses or a weakened immune system can also suffer from bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Stress and genetics can be factors that influence the appearance of infections.

These diseases can be mild, such as inflammation of the gums, or more serious, such as a periodontal infection.


Dental health can be compromised by some of the most common oral conditions, such as the following.

tooth decay

Caries is perhaps the most common dental disease in the general population. It originates when the remains of food between the teeth are not removed well. These remains are decomposed by the action of bacteria, especially the Streptococcus mutans, which is fixed on teeth and gums forming bacterial plaque.

When a cavity appears, it is essential to go to the dental clinic to stop it and prevent it from reaching the nerve.

dental abscesses

Dental abscesses occur when bacteria grow inside the tooth. It usually occurs due to untreated cavities or broken and unrepaired teeth, which leaves a free way for bacteria.

The main symptom is a collection of pus that can cause severe pain, bad breath, fever, and inflammation.


Gingivitis is caused by incorrect brushing of the teeth, although genetic factors can also influence its development. The accumulation of bacterial plaque produces an infection that inflames the gums.

Symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding, redness, tenderness, and bad breath. It is essential to treat it in time to prevent it from reaching the bone and evolving into periodontitis.


The periodontitis It is an infection of the gums that has reached the tissues that support the tooth. This causes the tooth to lose its grip and move. In more advanced cases, tooth loss can occur.

One risk associated with periodontitis is that bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect the health of the entire body.

All these infections can be avoided with a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene. Dental health is important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Preventive care and visits to your dental clinic are the best allies for a healthy mouth.

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