The periodontics It is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on gum disease. These pathologies, mainly gingivitis and periodontitis, affect the tissues that support the teeth or implants.

The main cause of the appearance of periodontal problems is the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the space between the tooth and the gum. These bacteria form a layer of plaque, often invisible to the naked eye, and cause infections.


periodontal infections may not have symptoms in early stages, so going regularly to the periodontal clinic is the best way to keep them under control. When symptoms do appear, they usually initially consist of tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, or gingival bleeding.

If left untreated, they can lead to tooth loss and major problems. The latest studies on periodontics show that bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream causing other alterations in the body.

One of the consequences is that it increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, andhe maintenance of the gums is not only an aesthetic and chewing issue, but also one of general health.


Periodontitis and gingivitis are the main gum diseases. They affect a large percentage of the adult population. According to recent studies, only in Spain eight million people have some type of periodontal disease.

The oral hygiene and the periodic reviews in the periodontal clinic They play a fundamental role in the prevention of these pathologies. Gum diseases can be prevented by taking these measures into account:

  • Give up smoking. Tobacco is an important risk factor that affects periodontitis and prevents proper tissue healing.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, low in sugars and avoiding the consumption of alcohol and other substances, is an excellent way to prevent the appearance of periodontal diseases.
  • Pay attention to genetic factors. Genetic predisposition is another reason why periodontal disease appears. If there is a family history of this pathology, it is convenient for the periodontist to monitor the state of the gums.
  • Follow proper oral hygiene. Misaligned teeth are a risk factor for the onset of gum disease because proper hygiene is difficult.

A well-cared-for mouth has fewer problems with inflammation and bleeding of the gums, which reduces the probability of infections.

Taking care of the gums is taking care of our health in the short and long term. Remember to visit your periodontist regularly to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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