The replacement of teeth through implants and crowns can be to replace all the teeth or to partially replace teeth in certain sectors of the mouth.

The replacement of teeth through implants will be the situation in which the patient comes to the clinic without teeth or when the teeth he has are in poor condition and there is no choice but to remove them completely.

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In this situation there are several possibilities depending on the amount of existing bone, the function we want to give and the economic possibilities.

To replace the teeth so that the patient can chew as if they had natural teeth, we need to place a minimum of 6 implants in the upper arch and between 4 and 6 implants in the lower arch.

These properly placed implants can support a fixed structure that replenishes the dental arch so that the patient can chew in perfect comfort.

Sometimes the bone that the patient has is insufficient to place the necessary number of implants to be able to design a prosthesis that resembles the natural dentition and in those cases we place two or four implants that support anchored dentures with friction systems that allow very good stability. of the prosthesis.

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The partial replacement of teeth through implants will be the appropriate intervention to replace certain sectors of the oral cavity that have lost teeth. This situation is the most frequent and we use it either to replace individual teeth without touching the adjacent teeth or to place several implants with their respective crowns in a certain sector.

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