Dental stains are imperfections that alter the color of the enamel. In some cases it may be indicating a severe health problem, while in others it only causes aesthetic discomfort to the patient.

Whatever the origin of dental stains, they all have specific treatments to improve results.

What types of stains exist?

Superficial or extrinsic stains: they are those formed on the same surface of the enamel and in most cases a complete professional cleaning is sufficient. Among the main causes of the appearance of this type of dental stains is the consumption of foods that stain the enamel such as coffee or red wine, tobacco or poor oral hygiene.

Deep or intrinsic stains: They appear in the enamel or dentin and are more complex to remove than the previous ones. The origin can be found in the side effects of a drug such as tetracycline, lack of vitamins or loss of tooth vitality.

Treatment according to its cause

Case 1: Superficial stains

It corresponds to the situation described above in which this type of stains are caused by food, tobacco or the accumulation of plaque due to poor hygiene, among others.

The removal of superficial stains is done through a professional dental cleaning that consists of removing tartar and bacterial plaque from both the enamel and the interdental spaces and the beginning of the gums.

Case 2: Yellowish teeth

They are teeth with a darker dentin. Its origin may be in the effect of a drug such as the aforementioned tetracycline, the lack of some type of vitamin or mineral or that corresponds to the natural shade of the tooth.

In this case, the most recommended is teeth whitening at home, in the clinic or in combination. The choice will depend in each case on what the dentist indicates according to the patient's needs.

Case 3: Teeth without vitality

They are those that, due to a strong trauma or endodontics, have lost their vitality, adopting a darker shade.

The treatment to improve the appearance of the tooth in this situation is undoubtedly internal whitening. Unlike the conventional one, this type of whitening is done from inside the dentin and is applied to only one tooth.

One of the techniques most used by dentists consists of applying a cotton ball impregnated with high-concentration hydrogen peroxide, letting it act and repeating if necessary until the desired shade is achieved.

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