Tooth sensitivity is a very common condition. It is characterized by the sensation of sharp pain or discomfort when eating cold, hot, or sweet foods or when brushing the teeth. Although tooth sensitivity can be a problem year-round, summer can aggravate it due to certain factors related to typical seasonal activities and foods. In this article, we'll explore tooth sensitivity and provide helpful tips to protect your teeth during the summer and reduce discomfort.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the outer protective layer of teeth, called enamel, wears away or gums recede, exposing dentin, a softer and more sensitive inner layer of the tooth. Some of the common causes of tooth sensitivity include:

  • Wear of tooth enamel due to rough brushing
  • Gum recession due to poor brushing technique or periodontal disease
  • Excessive consumption of acidic foods and drinks
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Recent dental treatment such as fillings or teeth whitening

Tips to protect your sensitive teeth in summer:

These are the measures you can take to protect your sensitive teeth and enjoy the summer without discomfort:

  • Visit your dentist: Schedule an appointment with your dentist for an evaluation and personalized advice. Your dentist can recommend products and perform specific treatments to help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and use a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth. Avoid brushing with an incorrect technique that can damage the enamel.
  • Limit consumption of acidic foods and drinks
  • Avoid extremely cold food and drinks: If you have sensitive teeth, avoid consuming excessively cold food and drinks. Opt for warmer options and avoid biting directly on sensitive teeth.

Summer can pose challenges for managing tooth sensitivity. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns related to your oral health. Our team of professionals will be happy to carry out a comprehensive dental evaluation and offer you personalized recommendations to take care of your smile.

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