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Curettage and Root Planing

El Curetaje dental y el Alisado radicular es la base del tratamiento de las encías inflamadas porque no hay salud si no se eliminan los depósitos calcificados (sarro) que se acumulan sobre los dientes con el paso del tiempo.El Sarro puede estar situado sobre la encía pero frecuentemente esta también situado por debajo de la encía y fuera de la vista. El llamado sarro subgingival, es el más peligroso porque es el que está más cerca del hueso y el responsable de la destrucción de hueso de soporte de los dientes y muelas.

DENTAL CURING will be the procedure necessary to remove the calculus deposited on the tooth.

RADICULAR CURING, is the same procedure but performed under the crown and is often a blind procedure because we try to remove the tartar that cannot be seen, because it is under the gum and is in what we call the periodontal pocket.

RADICULAR SMOOTHING is the indispensable complement to dental curettage and Root Curettage because although curettage removes calculus, it requires smoothing to remove the bacterial toxins that remain impregnated in the root of the tooth so that the tooth surface is biologically acceptable to the gum and can reattach to the tooth after the cleaning procedure and heal.

Dental curettage and dental scaling should not be considered as different procedures, but as procedures performed simultaneously and the difference between them is due to the intensity of the movement. Curettage is more intense and requires more force to dislodge the calculus. Root planing, on the other hand, is a gentler movement that aims to achieve a highly polished root surface.


1.- Elimination of the layer of periodontal bacteria and dental calculus. The bacterial flora that will be deposited on the tooth after curettage will be different and will be made up of beneficial bacteria.

2.- To transform inflamed, bleeding, oozing gums with periodontal pockets into healthy, firm gums.

3.- Reduction of deep periodontal pockets into shallower ones.

4. To create a root surface compatible with the restoration of healthy connective tissue and a gingival epithelium well attached to the tooth.

For this purpose, sharp CURETAS are used and then the teeth are polished with a rubber cup.

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