This is a state of the art Periodontal and Implant Clinic in Barcelona, established in 1984 by Dr. Jose J. Vilar, which is a MD, DDS graduated from the University of Barcelona and who has also obtained a degree on Specialty in Periodontology from TUFTS University ( Boston ) in 1984.

These past 30 years we have always aimed for Excellence in the treatment of patients. The determination to go through the best dental training and keep the clinic constantly updated  has resulted in a continuing growth through the years.

We have also been very active in the Spanish dental and periodontal community, dictating numerous speeches and courses throughout the Spanish territory, and have obtained numerous awards.

We are one of the main clinics in Barcelona for referrals on Periodontology and Implants among our dental community.

Frequently the gingiva does not  receive enough attention and this results in bleeding gums, mobility and tooth loss. THERE IS NOT GOOD DENTAL TREATMENT IF PROPER GINGIVAL TREATMENT IS NOT PROVIDED. We encourage everyone regardless of their dental status to care about their gums.

If you live in Barcelona or plan to stay for a limited amount of time, please do not forget your dental health. Remember, it is very important to prevent disease or treat it at an early stage. It is very convenient to have a good dental cleaning or scaling, if needed, X- rays for caries screening, and oral cancer examination.

We also provide :

-Sophisticated periodontal treatment such as pocket elimination surgery or bone grafting.
-Cosmetic gingival surgery. Gingival grafting.
-Implant treatment.
-Teeth Whitening.
-Grinding teeth treatment.
-Counseling on other dental needs and we can refer you to the right professionals if your problem could not be treated in our clinic.