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2511, 2021

The importance of periodontics for oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential to maintain good general health, as it prevents problems and complications, such as infections or loss of teeth. Periodontics is a treatment to solve problems such as inflammation or bleeding gums. Gum inflammation can be the first symptom of gingitis, a mild infection that, if left untreated, can lead to periodontitis or periodontal disease. This much more severe infection puts the gums and bone at risk. WHAT IS PERIODONTICS? Periodontics is a necessary treatment for [...]

1011, 2021

About dental prostheses: fixed, removable, partial removable and hybrid prostheses

One of the biggest concerns of people is to have healthy and functional teeth. Over the years, some diseases, injuries and oral conditions can lead to the loss of teeth. […]

2810, 2021

Why is periodontics important?

There is a belief that it is normal for the gums to bleed a little when brushing the teeth. It is true that a very strong brushing can cause the gums to bleed even if they are healthy. However, the main cause of swollen and bleeding gums is periodontal disease. […]

1510, 2021

The 6 essentials for good dental and oral health

Oral and dental health is much more than an aesthetic issue. Oral pathologies such as tooth decay or gingivitis can lead to serious problems such as loss of teeth or stomach problems. […]

2207, 2021

Periodontics: The importance of periodontal health.

Periodontics is a dental specialty that includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Dentists specializing in this branch are called periodontist specialists. […]

2207, 2021

Periodontal disease, how does it affect your general health?

It is estimated that 50% of the European adult population present some form of periodontal disease and that 10-15% have severe periodontitis. In the last decade, there is more and more scientific evidence that shows the relationship between periodontal disease, along with the bacteria that cause it, and systemic diseases that affect other areas of the body, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, accidents cerebrovascular disease and low birth weight premature babies. […]

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