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908, 2022

What is bruxism and how to treat it with discharge splints?

El bruxismo es la acción de apretar los dientes de forma inconsciente, generalmente por las noches, que causa problemas en la salud bucodental de quienes lo padecen. Se calcula que hasta un 20% de la población lo sufre hoy en día. Entre sus causas principales se encuentra el estrés y la ansiedad y se manifiesta con dolor de cervicales, cabeza o dientes, inflamación de encías o sensibilidad, entre otros. Las consecuencias del bruxismo […]

2907, 2022

How long do implants take to heal?

Una de las dudas más frecuentes de los pacientes antes de realizarse un tratamiento de implante dental es precisamente la cicatrización. Al mismo tiempo, la cicatrización es uno de los factores que determinará el éxito del tratamiento. ¿Cuánto tiempo tarda en cicatrizar el implante? […]

2106, 2022

Bad breath: causes and how to eliminate it

Most people suffer or have suffered from halitosis at some point in their lives. Halitosis or bad breath can vary due to factors such as: the time of day, the day of the month (it worsens before and during menstruation), when you are hungry or dry mouth and the smell is worse when you start talking. Causes of bad breath […]

906, 2022

What type of orthodontics to choose?: Invisible brackets and aligners

Orthodontic treatment is not only indicated to solve aesthetic problems, but in many cases it is recommended to correct and improve functional aspects. More and more adults are coming to the clinic in search of orthodontic treatment, although choosing which one is sometimes complicated. Therefore, we explain the main differences between brackets or fixed orthodontics and invisible aligners or removable orthodontics. Orthodontics with brackets The brackets consist of small squared pieces that adhere to the tooth, on which the [...]

3105, 2022

What are the consequences of missing teeth for your health?

The lack of teeth in adulthood can be caused by multiple factors. The causes can be several, although in all cases a review by a specialist dentist will be necessary. It is common to think that the lack of a tooth or tooth only entails aesthetic inconveniences, but nothing is further from the truth. This could be causing other oral health problems. Causes of tooth loss 1. Periodontal diseases Periodontal diseases are caused by an infection of the gums. In the [...]

1305, 2022

Bleeding gums: why does it occur and how to fix it?

Bleeding gums are caused by an alteration of oral bacteria. This is a common symptom that you may have experienced at some time. Although you should not be alarmed, you should not overlook it either as it could indicate a periodontal disease that in the worst case could even lead to the loss of teeth. […]

2804, 2022

Why is it important to periodically visit our dental clinic?

Many people have a certain fear of going to their dental clinic. In some cases, there may even be a genuine phobia. This is one of the reasons why so many patients go to the dentist when there is no other choice. However, regular check-ups and prevention are essential to maintain good dental health. […]

1904, 2022

How to prevent periodontal diseases?

Periodontal diseases are dangerous chronic pathologies because they hardly produce symptoms at the beginning and can even be imperceptible. However, they can cause serious damage to the gums and the bone that supports the teeth. […]

2403, 2022

About periodontal treatments: laser, tartarectomy and curettage

Dental health is an aspect that concerns society in general, since no one wants to suffer the consequences of an infection, severe pain or tooth loss. Not visiting the dentist frequently and not maintaining proper oral hygiene can lead to various pathologies, such as periodontitis. […]

1603, 2022

4 curiosities about dental implantology

Dental implantology has become a revolution in the world of dentistry. It is a permanent and uncomplicated solution to replace a tooth or the entire set of teeth. […]

2102, 2022

The latest trends in orthodontics

The more positioned teeth are much more than an aesthetic problem. This alteration can cause poor chewing, which can cause digestive disorders. On the other hand, an incorrect dental occlusion can cause other discomforts, such as tension in the chewing muscles and neck, shoulder or back pain, among others. […]

1402, 2022

How to avoid oral infections?

Regular visits to the dental clinic, along with proper oral hygiene, is the best way to prevent oral infections. In this way, if an infection occurs, it is detected in time and solved more easily. […]

3001, 2022

Do you know what Periodontics consists of? Meet her for better oral health

Periodontics is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on gum disease. These pathologies, mainly gingivitis and periodontitis, affect the tissues that support the teeth or implants. […]

1701, 2022

We resolve all doubts about curettage, pyorrhea, dental scaling and root planing

Gum pathologies must be treated immediately to avoid further damage that may affect the teeth. The first symptoms, such as inflammation, bleeding, bad breath or dental sensitivity, are the warning signal to go to the periodontist clinic as soon as possible. […]

2212, 2021

The close relationship between oral health and periodontics

Prevention of cavities and periodontal disease contributes to improving our oral health and, believe it or not, our health in general. Periodontitis or gum disease is the most common pathology in people. It is estimated that around 85 % of the Spanish population over 35 years of age have some problem related to their gums. […]

1012, 2021

Do you know the Dr. Vilar dental clinic? Discover our dental center and its treatments!

The Dr. Vilar dental clinic in Barcelona is specialized in periodontal treatments and dental implants. More than 30 years of experience guarantee our treatments, carried out by a team of experienced professionals who work to restore the smile of our patients. […]

2511, 2021

The importance of periodontics for oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential to maintain good general health, as it prevents problems and complications, such as infections or loss of teeth. Periodontics is a treatment to solve problems such as inflammation or bleeding gums. Gum inflammation can be the first symptom of gingivitis, a mild infection that, if left untreated, can lead to periodontitis or periodontal disease. This much more severe infection puts the gums and bone at risk. WHAT IS PERIODONTICS? Periodontics is a necessary treatment to eliminate [...]

1011, 2021

About dental prostheses: fixed, removable, partial removable and hybrid prostheses

One of the biggest concerns of people is to have healthy and functional teeth. Over the years, some diseases, trauma and oral conditions can result in the loss of teeth. […]

2810, 2021

Why is periodontics important?

There is a belief that it is normal for the gums to bleed a little when brushing the teeth. It is true that a very strong brushing can cause the gums to bleed even if they are healthy. However, the main cause of swollen and bleeding gums is periodontal disease. […]

1510, 2021

The 6 essentials for good dental and oral health

Oral and dental health is much more than an aesthetic issue. Oral pathologies such as cavities or gingivitis can lead to serious problems such as loss of teeth or stomach problems. […]

2207, 2021

Periodontics: The importance of periodontal health

Periodontics is a dental specialty that includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Dentists specializing in this branch are called periodontist specialists. […]

2207, 2021

Periodontal disease, how does it affect your general health?

It is estimated that 50% of the European adult population have some form of periodontal disease and that between 10-15% have severe periodontitis. In the last decade, there is increasing scientific evidence showing the relationship between periodontal disease, along with the bacteria that cause it, and systemic diseases that affect other areas of the body, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, accidents cerebrovascular accidents and low birth weight premature babies. […]

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