1 – . Fiscal Information and Registration
The Clinic of Dr. José Juan Vilar José Martínez , who operates under the word CLINICA DR . J.J. VILAR is a dental clinic specializing in treatment of Periodontics and Dental Implants exclusive (hereinafter CLINICA VILAR ) located at the ave. Diagonal , no. 588, 5 º 2 ª , in the city of Barcelona (CP 08021), Spain.
Dr. José Juan Vilar Martinez holds a degree in medicine and surgery , according to a certificate issued by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1978) , he specialized in stomatology as titration of the Central University of Barcelona (1981), specialist in Periodontics from the University Tufts (Boston ) 1984 , and belongs to Col.legi Official d’ Odontòlegs i Estomatòlegs de Catalunya ( COEC ), with membership number 1129 , which is applicable to the exercise of his profession both Law 14/1986 General Health , 25 April; Law 10 /1986 of 17 March regulating the practice of professions entitled ; Royal Decree 1594/1994 of 15 July, implementing Law 10/1986 of 17 March; Law 44 /2003 of 21 November , regulating the health professions ; Law 7 /2006 of May 31 , the year of certified professions ; Law 41 /2002 Patient Autonomy , 14 November ; Law 21 /2000 of Patient Autonomy and Rights Information and Documentation Clinic Catalonia, of 29 December ; and Law 16/ 2010 of 3 June, which amended Law 21 /2000 Patient Autonomy and Rights Information and Documentation Clinic Catalonia and the Code of Ethics approved by the Official Col.legi d’ Odontòlegs i Estomatòlegs de Catalunya ( the code of conduct is available electronically by accessing the website COEC ) .

2 – Identity and Address of the File
The owner and responsible for processing files of data that are incorporated information from users under the use of this website ( www.clinicadrvilar.com ) is Dr. Juan Vilar José Martínez , provided DNI / NIF 37660207-F and address to the effects of this on the ave. Diagonal , no. 588, 5 º 2 ª , in the city of Barcelona ( CP 08021 ) .

3 – Protection of Personal Data of Compliance with Applicable Regulations
CLINICA VILAR as responsible for this website and in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5,  of Data Protection and Digital Rights (LOPDGDD) and Law 34/2002 , of 11 July , Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI -CE) has implemented those policies , resources and technical and organizational to ensure and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data of its users procedures.

3.1 – . Protection of Personal Data of Compliance with Applicable Regulations
The personal data in accordance with this web site the user voluntarily in order to either collect or request information , or as a user while interacting with our website or provide to request CLINICA VILAR to carry out the purposes or perform any of the characteristics of CLINICA VILAR outlined in the following paragraphs purposes, be incorporated into the data processing file , whose ownership and responsibility is held by CLINICA VILAR.
For the data to be supplied by the user might be needed in the forms contained or required by CLINICA VILAR on the website so that it could : a) respond to inquiries , provide information required by the user ; b ) providing user access to certain features of the website; either and if c ) carry out all activities CLINICA VILAR outlined hereby inform CLINICA VILAR said mandatory user indicating what data are needed filling .
When entering the user directly all data in the forms contained on this website , the user :

a. ) accepts the obligation to provide true, accurate and complete information about their identity, legitimacy and actual situation and accepts and understands that rests directly and solely upon himself the responsibility not only to the authenticity , accuracy, validity and veracity but well maintain authenticity , accuracy, validity and accuracy of the data , since CLINICA VILAR has no obligation to check and verify the identity and other information provided or supplied by the user ; and you acknowledge that it will be solely responsible for any damages they may cause, result or request in verse or third CLINICA VILAR data , information and inaccurate statements , false , outdated that it facilitates , give or take

b . ) Recognizes be of age , who holds the legal capacity required to act as a user interface on the website .

c . ) understand and agree that are necessary to perform those services or benefits required by the user through this website.

If the user provides any false , inaccurate or incomplete data or CLINICA VILAR has good reason to doubt the truth , accuracy and completeness thereof CLINICA VILAR may terminate your access and / or current or future use of the website or any of its contents, products and / or services.
The entity responsible for the file , as well as those involved in any phase of treatment and / or entities who have been notified , in them where appropriate and in accordance with the authorization granted by the user , are obliged to maintain professional secrecy and adopted levels of protection and technical and organizational measures at its disposal to ensure the security of personal data , avoiding as far as possible, unauthorized access , illegal modifications, theft and / or loss of data and to ensure the appropriate level of security to files CLINICA VILAR, this according to the nature and sensitivity of the data provided by users of this website.
However, it warns and informs the user that technical measures are not infallible and unassailable , why , CLINICA VILAR not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the connection or downloading content from the website causing alterations either in computer systems (hardware and software) of the user or in the documents or files stored on their computer systems and , therefore, CLINICA VILAR may be held responsible for the absence of virus or other elements or of damages arising from the presence of viruses and that may alter the user’s computer systems or documents or files stored on their computer systems.
By accepting the terms and conditions stipulated by this and , especially , the user voluntarily submit their personal information to CLINICA VILAR whose business is performing dental treatments , revealing different treatments through this website through which users can have all the information, the user expressly agrees to perform the following CLINICA VILAR activities, tasks and / or actions , unless the user indicates otherwise to execute any service or result CLINICA VILAR subsequent withdrawal of consent originally granted .
1. The content management, information and / or data to transmit or provide each user and the content , information and / or data generated user interface on the website .
2.  Sending commercial communications The paper informing users of the activities , events, services , advertising , news and other business information on services , activities and / or events related to the activity of CLINICA VILAR.
3.  If the user has expressly consented to send business communications electronically , sending such communications by electronic means informing users of the activities , events, services , advertising, news, and other business information services activities and / or events related to the activity of CLINICA VILAR.
4 . The purpose of being able to improve the delivery of services CLINICA VILAR it may allocate user data to market studies , statistics or segmentation, profiling and categorization , either in groups or individually , that based on the information voluntarily provided by users .
5 . Preserving data during the periods specified in the applicable provisions.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, shall not be considered commercial and / or advertising any information sent by CLINICA VILAR – even by electronic means users CLINICA VILAR in order to carry out, they run and / or develop any provision required or signed – even though it was not signed by electronic means – by the user and all other tasks, actions and / or activities arising from this business relationship , dealing, and / or contractual.

3.2 – . Rights of Stakeholders and Exercise
Users have indicated organs recognized by the Data Protection Act rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition and, if necessary, at any time revoke the consent given to receive commercial communications .
Interested parties may exercise their rights of access , rectification , cancellation and opposition may be withdrawn or paid to receive commercial communications consent by sending a letter addressed to Dr. Juan Vilar José Martínez , ave. Diagonal , no. 588, 5 º 2 ª , in the city of Barcelona ( CP 08021 ) or email info@clinicadrvilar.com

4 – Cookies
CLINICA VILAR uses cookies ( piece of information about your computer and navigation is stored on your hard drive and provided through your browser) only to shape and improve the relationship with the user and to adapt to technological means. The user has the ability to configure your browser to notify reception or , if applicable , delete, reject or block reception of cookies on your hard drive , they should check for this purpose , instructions and manuals on your browser for more this information.

5 – Access and Use of Website

5.1 – . Access and Use
Both access to the website and use without consent that it can be made of the information contained herein is the sole responsibility of the user .
User means any natural or legal person who purchase, use , enjoyment, and / or access the information provided on the Website or interacting on the Website by means of the various functions and services offered by CLINICA VILAR through same or to register as a user of the Website.

5.2 – . Users Responsibility
The user undertakes to use the content , information and data from the Web Site in accordance with these terms and conditions , terms and policies, implementing legislation and morality and decency generally accepted ( among others, called tags ” set of rules governing the behavior of a user in a newsgroup ” ) and public order .
The user agrees not to disclose, publish and / or use the contents of this Web Site for advertising purposes or purposes or illicit , prohibited or contrary to those set forth herein , effects of the rights and interests of CLINICA VILAR, of other users, third parties or that in any way could be considered offensive and / or damage, disable , overburden or impair this Website or prevent normal use or enjoyment thereof by users .
The user is aware , therefore, that the use of services, features and / or contents of the Website takes place , if at all , under his sole responsibility .
CLINICA VILAR not responsible for any consequence or damage that may arise from such access or use or breach of these terms, conditions and policies and will be responsible for the security errors that may occur or for any damages that may be caused the user’s computer system (hardware and software) or the files or documents stored therein as a result of: a) the presence of a virus in the computer user that is used to connect to the services and / or products offered by CLINICA VILAR through its web Site; b ) a malfunction of the browser ; c ) the use of non-updated versions.

5.3 – . Acceptance
Both access , navigation, high functionality and use of the Website means , behaves and implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions without reservation by the User , whether or not a registered user of the Website CLINICA VILAR.
To this end and in the event that a user violates or fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use , Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions CLINICA VILAR reserves the right to exclude them or deny them access and / or current or future use of the Website or any of its contents and / or services.

6 – Links to Other Web Sites / Hyperlinks
In this Web site hyperlinks that enable a link or links to other pages or web sites are used . CLINICA VILAR not responsible for the content, security measures , privacy policies or the terms and conditions of use and recruitment adopted by any other page or website through which you access this Website from either allowing a link or link to this web Site, sites accessed by the applicant on his sole responsibility .
Also, does the absence of virus or other elements of the contents linked from the Web Site CLINICA VILAR that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software) in the documents or user files ensures also excluding CLINICA VILAR any liability for any damages of any kind caused by the above.
It also warns the user that the link or link to another page or website through which you access from this Web Site or the link or link from another web page that allows a link or link to this Web Site does not imply low any alleged the existence of a link of any kind with such linked site or allowing access to this web Site.

7 – Exclusion of Warranties and Liability
CLINICA VILAR not guarantee the permanent availability of the services offered on its Website, but will perform its best efforts to ensure orderly and proper functioning thereof.
To this end, CLINICA VILAR is exonerated of any liability for any damages of any kind arising from and the lack of availability or continuity of services due to force majeure or errors in the transmission of information beyond the control of CLINICA VILAR.

8 – Amendments to the General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy and Privacy
The File Manager reserves the right to modify at any time without notice these terms, conditions and privacy policies to adapt to new legislation or jurisprudence as well as to changes or industry practice , the user must consult regularly these conditions , terms and policies to verify or ascertain the existence of modifications or changes to, by reference to the date of the last update.

9 – . Intellectual Property CLINICA VILAR
You acknowledge and agree that all rights to intellectual property that may exist on the content and / or any other elements by CLINICA VILAR in this Web Site (including , without limitation and without limitation, all the elements that up the visual appearance , graphics and other sensory stimuli of the Website or “look and feel”, marks , logos , trade names , text, images , graphics, designs, sounds , databases , software , flow charts , presentation, navigation architecture and source code of the Website ) belong to CLINICA VILAR and / or third parties who have assigned their rights. To this end, Web Site shall be construed as all creations and those incorporated by CLINICA VILAR expressed by any means and / or tangible or intangible media , known or unknown , which is under protection by the rules and regulations on intellectual property and industrial .
The mere viewing, printing , downloading or temporary storage is authorized , either in whole or in part, of the content and / or elements inserted by CLINICA VILAR on the Web exclusively Site for your personal, private and non-profit use by user , provided that in any case, the origin and / or their author noted and , where appropriate , the copyright symbol and / or note on industrial property and its owners .
In any case access to the Website imply any license, permission, waiver, license or total or partial transfer of these rights by their owners, unless otherwise expressly stated. The general conditions of use of the Website does not give users any other right to use , modify, use , reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Website and / or its contents other than as expressly provided herein . It is therefore prohibited the use of such items , total or partial reproduction , communication and / or distribution for commercial purposes or financial gain and its modification, alteration , recompilation and / or any other use of the Website and / or of the contents stated or incorporated therein .
Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the express prior written authorization specifically granted for that purpose by