The dental implantology has become a revolution in the world of dentistry. It is a permanent and uncomplicated solution to replace a tooth or the entire set of teeth.

The teeth are probably one of the parts of the body that suffers the most throughout our lives. Increased life expectancy, eating habits, and other factors can make it last less than expected.

In fact, most adults have a high probability of losing a tooth over the years. In these situations, the use of a partial denture or a full denture is advised, depending on the needs of the patient.


A dental implant can be defined as a titanium inlay in the jawbone that is covered with a crown, usually ceramic. The result is a tooth very similar to the natural one, both in aesthetics and in functionality and durability.

Today, to learn a little more about this technique, we tell you four curiosities about dental implantology. Stay to discover them!

1. They protect surrounding healthy teeth

One of the curiosities that most surprises our patients is the ability of the dental implant to protect surrounding healthy teeth. This is very simple to explain. Our teeth not only need the jaw to support themselves, but also support each other.

For this reason, when a tooth is lost, the rest tend to drift towards the gap in search of support. This effect can cause a deformation of the jaw and a greater probability of losing other teeth.

2. They last (almost) forever

As we anticipated at the beginning, the root of the implants is made of titanium, a material compatible with the jaw bone and, above all, with the best mechanical characteristics.

In this way, the expected effect is achieved: the implant does not move and lasts practically a lifetime, following proper oral hygiene habits.

3. They are the most realistic prosthetics

Dental implantology offers patients removable partial dentures and removable full dentures that are virtually the same as real teeth. Technology has made it possible to develop materials that accurately reproduce the texture, color and brightness of the original teeth. Modern CAD-CAM computer-guided surgery techniques facilitate precise and safe placement.

The goal is for the implant to match the rest of the teeth in the mouth faithfully. Everything for a perfect smile!

4. They strengthen the jaws

To finish, we cannot forget that the jaw and teeth form a functional unit. When a tooth is lost, the jaw begins to deteriorate.

Dental implants help prevent this deterioration and, in addition, they stimulate the bone growth of the jaw.

Do not give up smiling because your teeth make you self-conscious. Check with our dental clinic and we will advise you on the treatment to return your mouth to its splendor.

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