At the Dr. Vilar Clinic are specialists in periodontology, with more than 30 years of experience in the field

Too often we get patients with advanced Bleeding Gums and bone loss problems, and their constant complaint is: why hasn't a dentist told me anything before? We are committed to early diagnosis, which is the one that offers the best guarantee of success.

The benefits

We offer Seriousness, Reliability, Professionalism and Interest in your problem and in your oral health

We give you first visit time right away.

We use the most modern implant placement techniques, such as CAD-CAM computer-guided surgery

We give you a thorough general check-up, diagnose the problem and immediately prepare a treatment plan for you.

The latest 3Shape® digital imaging technology replacing uncomfortable earmolds.


We offer highly qualified service in all dental treatments, with personalized treatment. Your Doctor and Hygienist will monitor you constantly

What do our Patients think?

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